Beyond traditional insurance and assistance services, Mest Assistance is a new generation assistance company that helps people regain their health with a far more humanitarian approach, provides more protective, affordable and comprehensive service for companies, government institutions and, and commits to help and protect people.

With the 360° medical assistance service that only belongs to us in the world, we can bring together patients from all over the world with healthcare organizations throughout the world. With the help of our global service network, 24/7 Call Center, doctors, the team of specialists, online medical consultation line, air, land and sea transfer support, we treat our patients and make sure they return to their countries in a healthy state. Within this process, we evaluate our patients’ reports, we provide them with feedback as quickly as possible, we share their treatment process with their institution, we organize their visas, transfer, accommodation processes and manage their treatment in the health institution.

We work with the intent of improving the quality of our customers’ lives and bringing the joy of living and happiness into their lives.

Anytime, anywhere…

MEST Beauty

Mest Beauty, dominating the entire treatment processes of the consultants, gathers you with the most accurate and most qualified doctors from whom you can get quality services in every country in the world, mainly in Turkey.

Today, one of the most important factors that make people feel good is to have an aesthetic and healthy appearance. To look good and beautiful assures people to be at peace with themselves. This also leads to a self-confident and powerful presence in their social life.

Mest Care, with its aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery services, works in an effort to restore malformations and dysfunctions that are the results of accidents, diseases and birth abnormalities. In addition to aesthetics, Mest Care offers medical solutions to people with treatments such as Hair Transplantation, Oral and Dental Health, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Eye Treatments, Thermal Treatment, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (PTR), Elderly Care which enhance the quality of life.

The hospitals and clinics in the countries, where we provide services, are accredited and certified by the relevant ministries. Mest Care cooperates with the best physicians, best facilities and techniques using the latest technology. During the treatment process, we offer our clients alternatives instead of single options; we provide full information about the treatment process. Carrying out the process of treatment safely and successfully, starting with the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning, becomes possible with our multidisciplinary team approach. The main principles of Mest Care are protecting the health of the person, providing the necessary comfort in the treatment process and offering the most appropriate price considering the rights of the client.

Mest Care performs treatments to solve problems that affect physical appearance and disrupt patients’ health as well as the operations and attempts to ensure that the body image is more beautiful and perfected.

Branches of which Mest Care offers services:

  • Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Ocular Treatment
  • Bariatric Surgeries
  • Metabolic Surgeries
  • Thermal Therapy
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Elderly Care
  • Physiotherapy

Customized healthcare solutionsMEST Health & Rehabilitation

Located on one of the oldest natural hot spring sources in Europe, we are serving our members and guests from all around the world at our modern center which offers best practices in different specialties that include Physiotherapy, Cardiology, Radiology, Cardiovascular surgery, Internal Medicine, Aesthetic and plastic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dentistry, Psychology, Dietary and Hair transplantation.

Our center is equipped with the latest technologies and machines under the supervision of the best doctors and physiotherapists in the region, we are proud to be a favourable destination for physiotherapy treatment in Europe and the Middle East thanks to the existence of the ideal environment for recovery in terms of beautiful nature, fresh air, natural thermal spring, green spaces, social and recreational activities for the patients and their companions.

In our clinic, specialist doctors, nurses, physiotherapists offer qualified medical services that approach our patients with empathy. Our primary goal is to provide the highest service with maximum benefit to improve the quality of life of our patients. We aim to provide the best health service with advanced technological equipment and up-to-date medical practices.

MEST Supply

As Mest Supply, we supply all kinds of medical devices and consumable materials that are used in examinations and treatment of patients with the patient with the aim to provide the best possible service to our individual and corporate clients. Working in integration with all of our international suppliers, we both supply and deliver state-of-the-art technology medical devices and consumables.

We deliver our wide range of medical equipment to all of our clients throughout the world and provide them with quick solutions to their health problems. With our innovative products in the field of medical technology, a lot of treatment processes are being conducted in a more efficient and cost-effective way that is also less stressful for patients. The aim here is, for health specialists to provide high-quality service and to make the daily life of patients much easier.

Mest Supply has a corporate strategy that aims to provide benefits to patients with its available infrastructure in the sales and marketing fields. Our team of physicians and specialists provides help to select the best device based on needs as well as the right use of the product with after-sales product training and technical support services.

Mest Supply works with the aim of delivering you high-quality medical devices and consumables that you need in order to lower your costs, manage your time and adjust your service processes.

MEST Education

Today, the most important factor that shapes individuals and societies is knowledge. Therefore, the best way that leads institutions to success, is to ensure that their personnel access accurate knowledge at the right time and in a correct way. As Mest Education, we aim to increase productivity and motivation by training managers and personnel.

With health being in the first place, we have many different trainers who have certified qualifications and are experienced in their fields, including Finance, Marketing, Informatics, Social Sciences, Agriculture, Public Administration and Communication. We work in coordination with the human resources department of each institution, and we determine the training contents and processes based on personnel profile. At the beginning of each training, we analyze the necessary resources, skills and experiences required for the institutions to achieve sustainable and effective results; and we aim for maximum efficiency at the end of these trainings.

In addition to ready training packages, we also offer customized training plans in accordance with the needs and requirements of institutions; and support our customers to develop their human resources, determine their administrative systems and increase their service quality.

We began this journey in order to create quality trainings accessible anywhere and anytime. Our aim is to be a bridge between the academic world and the business world at an international level, to ensure individuals and institutions to receive education through modern education methods and to increase their skill levels. To this end, we serve the entire world with our solution partners in our global network that have become a brand in the education field.

We work in order to customize your in-company trainings in line with your company’s objective and to turn your personnel’s potential into performance.

MEST Software

Mest Software is a technology company established by Mest Group as a result of years of experience and expertise developed in the field of health. Mest Software provides software services to healthcare organizations. In accordance with the changing needs and demands of the healthcare sector, with the help of the software designed by healthcare specialists and an experienced software team, it plays a fundamental role in keeping pace with the digitalizing world and it makes the business lives of users easier.

With its expert human resources and corporate background, Mest Software is a brand that can develop efficient software ideas that create value for its customers. Mest Software is a brand that operates with a customer and quality based service approach. As a result of needs analysis, Mest Software provides each company with customized solutions, is able to foresee their future expectations by being aware of the dynamics of the sector.

Mest Cloud, an innovative application that was developed by Mest Software, manages all assistance processes perfectly. Having an innovative structure, Mest Cloud creates a difference by providing solutions to all needs of assistance companies under a single roof. All information obtained from modules ensuring complete monitoring of assistance processes and working in integration are collected in a single platform.

Mest Software plays a fundamental role in the digital transformation of healthcare organizations and carries its customers to the future with its innovative solutions and technologies.

MEST Construction

Mest Construction is a team of experts consisting of engineers, interior architects and contractors in the field of healthcare buildings architecture. We build modern spaces where both health professionals and patients can feel at home, safe and well; and put our signature under designs which embrace the residents with love and care by prioritizing warmth and comfort.

When we commence a health project, we seek answers to questions such as: What are the construction criteria of the building? How should the most appropriate operating room be designed? How should a patient’s room be to give hope and joy to live? Therefore, in each stage of the project, our expert architects and team consider every single detail of the planning, implementation and medical layout subjects. As a team working with passion, our main principle is not to build four walls, but to create a lifestyle.

We are aware that the cost is also important to our customers. We guarantee to use our resources in the most efficient way and to minimize costs at an optimum level by concurrently conducting project financing processes such as surveys, cost analyses and estimated budget studies.

With our national and international solution partners, we work in accordance with each country’s legal conditions and regulations, provide licenses based on application standards of relevant government institutions and ministry of health of our customers, and provide services in international standards. Thanks to our multidisciplinary business model, we manage the testing and commissioning processes of the projects and construct turnkey healthcare buildings.

As Mest Construction, we work in order to make your dreams come true beyond your expectations and turn your investments into a story of success.

Dünya mucizelerle, güzelliklerle, keşfedilecek yerlerle dolu...MEST Travel

The world is full of miracles, beauties, and places to discover…

To swim in the deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to witness the wildlife in a safari in Africa and to tour around an ancient city in India are among the greatest experiences a person can dream of…

Likewise, the success of a perfectly managed and efficient business trip, a quality overseas training organization that meets expectations, or an international company event that has met the objectives is vital for businesspeople and corporates.

Mest Group successfully adapts the healthcare organizations that it carries out in 4 continents

into holiday, culture and business tourism fields. In addition to traditional services such as flight tickets, hotel reservations and car rental; Mest Tourism gathers products and services such as corporate travel plans and organizations under a single roof. With its team of experts in the field of tourism, Mest Tourism provides services with a satisfaction oriented business model to its customers who would like to know new cultures and new people, to different experiences and to conduct successful business trips and organizations. Mest Group follows the ever-evolving dynamic tourism world closely, and shines out with its unique services. It also provides all tourism customers around the world with healthcare and assistance services, and protects them at every step they take.

Just dream, act and discover… With its travel services, Mest Travel will be there with you throughout your travel…


  • Flight Tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Car Rental
  • Transfer Services
  • Airport Greeting
  • Guest Information
  • Pick-Up Planning
  • Transfer Service
  • VIP Transfer
  • Visa
  • Meetings, Congresses, Exhibitions (M.I.C.E) and Organizations
  • Worldwide security, health and emergency services
  • Corporate Tourism Management
  • Medical Tourism


Where Experience and Passion Meet

As Mest Group, we aim at the highest quality level by putting human healh at the center of work we do, every product we supply and every service we provide. Now, we are bringing our accumulation of healthcare experience to Mest Care medical products. Every product we produce is supported by our experience and research in the field of health and up to the highest scale of quality.


  • Medical Mask
  • Disinfectants
  • Silver Whit Nano Tech Disinfectants
  • Disinfectants Stands
  • Anti-septic Wipes
  • COVID-19 Diagnostic Kit
  • Disposable Uniforms
  • Bed Covers
  • Others


Mest Group is proud to introduce Mest Air, which specializes in the field of private aviation and owns medical evacuation planes in addition to private jets for VIPs.

Based on our princple of comprehensive approach in providing medical services that includes medical evacuation via air ambulance along with our experience in this field, this company was established separately to become a brand serving emergency and critical situations anywhere by our medical evacuation aircrafts equipped with the latest technologies and medical equipment needed to transport patients and critical cases, in addition to the presence of our highly experienced medical staff. We coordinate with health institutions to serve official and private sectors and even individuals.

As for private aviation services, we offer another world of luxury and leisure to meet the expectations of our distinguished customers of VIPs around the world. We are fully aware of the importance of time and privacy in this field, which is why we carry great importance to apply the highest standarts of privacy and security. We also facilitate airport procedures in order to relieve you from the hassle of routine procedures and let you enjoy a unique experience.

  • Private jet leasing
  • Priority in airport tracks
  • Home pickup service
  • Luxurious tour packages
  • International first class cuisine
  • Network of most luxurious hotels
  • VIP transfer services
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2 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 750, Room 20, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 1H8
OUR COMMUNICATION CHANNELSMest Group Social Media Accounts
You can follow us on the social media accounts below.